Silent Nite Snore Guard

Looking for a way to stop snoring? Looking for a way to get your spouse to stop snoring? There are plenty of snore guard options available. One of the most successful is the Silent Nite snore guard. The Silent Nite snore guard is basically a mouth piece that causes the jaw to protrude a bit so the airways are opened up.  Learn more about this great device, call Dr. Sostowski's office today and set up your time to be fit for a Silent Nite Snore Guard!

How it Works

First, impressions are taken at our office and poured with plaster to make models of the upper and lower teeth. The models are sent to the lab and the lab sends back an appliance composed of two separate plastic bite trays, one each for the bottom and top teeth. These trays are attached together with a pair of plastic hinges which keep the lower jaw in protrusion while allowing the patient to open and close his mouth

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