Invisible Braces

Great results without the high cost.

Straight and properly aligned teeth are important components to a beautiful, healthy smile. Improper alignment can lead to damaged teeth, periodontal (gum) disease, and TMJ disorders. For patients with mild to moderate orthodontic problems, Dr. Sostowski offers Smart Moves®, or "invisible braces".

Smart Moves® Invisible Hard/Soft Aligner System is customized to fit perfectly over your teeth and gradually shift your teeth into place. Virtually invisible, Smart Moves® is a progressive series of aligners using an innovative Hard/Soft material. The first aligner is fabricated from the exclusive 1.3mm InvisacrylTM Hard/Soft material. The highly elastic soft component is designed for maximum patient comfort, easy seating and maximum tooth movement. The second aligner is made of hard 1mm InvisacrylTM, ideal for retention and minor movement.

Unlike other invisible braces systems, with Smart Moves® is tailored to each patient's needs and there is no preset number of aligners to purchase. And unlike metal braces, the Smart Moves® aligners are virtually invisible and won't intrefere with your daily routine; they can be removed so you can eat and drink comfortably.

If your goal is straighter teeth, the Smart Moves® system is a cost effective and highly effective solution. Customized for a perfect fit, Smart Moves® will gently reposition your teeth into a smile you can be proud of.